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Schwabacher Spectrum

Dawn at Schwabacher Landing

A reflective moment at the Snake River in Wyoming. The Teton range in the distance catches the sunlight as the new day emerges. Light: Full-spectrum
Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
Beyond Fisher Towers

Fairyland Caves at Fisher Towers

If you get lost in the desert, you'd better have water and an analog compass you know how to use. You also might want some mystical protection, because you just may stumble into an enchanted infrared fairyland. Light: Color Infrared
Moab, Utah
Castle Creek Pond

Castleton Reflection Pool

The real story here you would never guess. But before the naked fellow arrived and jumped in, there was only this serene conversation between the land side and the pond side. Light: Black and White Infrared
Castle Valley, Utah

About Light
The Electromagnetic Spectrum & Photography
Mammoth Hot Springs
Travertine formations envelope remnants of trees at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.
Light and energy are emitted from our planet's star, the Sun, and arrives to the earth in waves. We can measure these waves on a spectrum called the electromagnetic spectrum.Think of a ruler. In somewhat the middle of that ruler is the band of light we can see, it is our visual light. The nearest light on one side of that middle band is called ultraviolet, and on the other side it is called infrared. Digital cameras have a filter in them which allow for only visible light to pass through. I had this filter removed on my camera, which allows for a full-spectrum of light from ultraviolet, visual, and infrared light to pass through. To create my pictures, I isolate the band of light that I want to work with. I use a physical filter on my camera's lens if I want to allow for only visual light, or infrared light. I don't need to use a filter if I'm capturing images in full-spectrum. My pictures are real, of real places and real light. Our unseen planet is truly extraordinary. It is my mission to share this visual story with you. 

Cinder cones glow red in this infrared image of the San Francisco volcanic field in northern AZ

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